Who Does Goldbug Advise?

Goldbug Strategies works with select clients engaged in molecular science and innovative digital technologies. We deliver the strategic insight, planning, and implementation to enable our clients to successfully drive the development, commercialization, and ongoing marketing of new and modified products.

Our expertise is widely recognized and pursued by companies and investors seeking to advance personalized/precision medicine. We limit our consulting works to a niche segment of FDA regulated (and potentially regulated) products and services to ensure our clients receive the highly expert and valued support they need to achieve their objectives.

Goldbug’s approach to client projects incorporates our entrepreneurial perspective with the necessary expertise to meet your needs in an evolving regulatory policy environment. We apply a business perspective to add strategic and regulatory value delivered to optimize client success.

Our clients include:


  • Targeted therapy developers
  • Life science product manufacturers
  • IVD component and reagent manufacturers
  • Clinical laboratories
  • Venture capital & private equity firms
  • Investors & funded entrepreneurs
  • Medical device/IVD kit manufacturers
  • Health/medical technology & software developers
  • Law firms & other consulting organizations
  • Select stakeholder coalitions and associations
  • Research laboratories & organizations
  • Biological & pharmaceutical companies
  • Mobile medical app (MMA) developers
  • Innovative software & digital health companies

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